What is the future for our green spaces post the election?

This month’s issue of Landscape & Amenity magazine discusses the Fabian Society report, Places to Be. The report explains the importance of managing green spaces in order to empower citizens and encourage democratic engagement.

What is in the report?

The Places to Be report discusses how important green spaces are to communities as they provide a crucial ‘community ballast’ where relationships can be built and people can come together. Green spaces such as parks, allow people to do things like take exercise, play with their children, and walk their dogs.

According to the article, spending on parks is expected to reduce by 60% by 2020. However in the report, the author argues that there is still opportunity to make the most of our green spaces so that the above requirements can be fulfilled.

Support from the Experts

The report has received praise for raising awareness on the benefits of parks for communities. One of its supporters includes Dr Sid Sullivan of the Parks Alliance, who feels the report makes readers aware of the negative impact cuts have on health and community cohesion. He elaborates by explaining how important parks and green spaces are for shaking off the impacts of the built environment and giving communities somewhere to relax in.

Deputy CEO of the Landscape Institute, Paul Lincoln, has also commented on the current fight for green spaces. He has reflected on the recent focus on parks and green infrastructure as other reports emerge alongside the Fabian Society’s Places to Be.

Lincoln believes this increased level of attention suggests there has been a heated debate around the management of green spaces from all political parties.

What do you think?

It shall certainly be interesting to see what develops post the election for the future of our important green spaces. But what do you think? Is it important to protect and maintain our green spaces or should there be a different focus?


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