Use Wood Wisely Campaign - Building for the Future

What is the Use Wood Wisely Campaign?

The Use Wood Wisely Campaign was launched by Norbord, a manufacturer of engineered wood-based panel products. In a day and age where issues such as global warming are becoming a big concern, the campaign seeks to raise awareness about wood and how it should be used to create a sustainable environment.

Norbord’s claim of ‘Make it Better’ explains the values and beliefs the company have around commitment to their customers as well as the protection of our native forests and the environment.

Aims of the Campaign

The campaign supports the responsible use of wood by encouraging people to re-use or re-cycle wood as a carbon-neutral source of energy. Norbord discourages the burning of virgin wood to create electricity as it is a wasteful use of an important resource. They believe that the greatest benefits come from respecting the proper use of wood as well as the carbon cycle.

Why use wood responsibly?

Wood is a renewable and versatile resource that can be used for various applications. Norbord’s ‘Better by Nature’ initiative claims that using wood wisely has been proven to reduce carbon in the atmosphere year upon year.

Getting Support

As part of the campaign, Norbord have sent emails along with a soft toy version of their ‘Wise Owl’ mascot, to each MP and Lord in Westminster. The aim of this initiative is to encourage MPs and Lords to support the Using Wood Wisely Campaign and re-think the current Renewables Obligation legislation.

Wood can be utilised responsibly by building houses or producing furniture. That is because building with wood will lock up the CO2 for many decades instead of allowing it to be released straight back into the atmosphere through burning – a point that Norbord want to stress to the authorities.

The company wants there to be legislation whereby power generators are required to be transparent in declaring the source of wood they use for fuel. Ministers should be able to reject any strategy (proposing to use wood from Britain’s forests) that impacts badly on the supply of wood to other industries in Britain.

How to get Involved

Of course, there is an opportunity for you to get involved by registering your support on the official Use Wood Wisely website. All you are asked to do is leave a comment to help the campaign lobby the government and raise issues in the media. Alternatively you can email your local MP by finding their address on the website.

Here at AVS Fencing Supplies, we care about the environment and using wood responsibly. To this effect, we are accredited by organisations such as the FSC and the Wood Protection Association. Find out more about our accreditations by clicking here.


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