Quality Landscape Design - A Good Investment?

It may not be a surprise to hear that good quality landscape design is the key to adding value to your property. According to articles released by Landscape and Amenity online and Horticulture Week online, there are many long term benefits to be had for developers investing in good landscape design.

The Landscape Institute have in fact said that landscape design should be the number one thing developers should consider when planning a scheme.

Making Places Profitable

So where have these revelations come from exactly?

‘Profitable Places’ is a guide that was recently launched by the Landscape Institute at the New London Architecture building in central London. The handy guide shows house-builders how investing in the public realm can be financially rewarding, not just in added sales values but in increased rate of sales.

Statistics taken from the 'Profitable Places' document.

The document demonstrates how investing in the landscape has successfully increased property prices in a number of different developments. ‘Profitable Places’ also highlights how investing in the landscape adds capital and community value through creating socially dynamic spaces.

The Evidence

The guide released by the Landscape Institute uses Cambridge’s Accordia housing scheme as an example of how community landscape with three times the amount of green space of other housing developments has caused both adults and children to thrive in that area.

There is also research to suggest that in parts of London, developers who invest in the public realm will see average housing values double, whereas in other parts of England, properties with park views increased in value by as much as 34%. House-builders who take a landscape-led approach can expect to see a good return on their investment.

Do you agree?

With the benefits that come from prioritising landscape design, it is a strong possibility that developers will be considering it now more than ever.

Chairman of the Berkeley Group, Tony Pidgley summed up the importance of the landscape well when he said, ‘’ The best housebuilders and developers lead with the landscape then consider the built fabric. The landscape is an essential part of what makes a place successful. It creates a sense of place. It generates more value. More importantly it helps to create a sense of pride and ownership."

But what do you think? How important is the landscape to you and do you think it adds value to your home?

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