Hurricane Gonzalo to Take the UK by Storm

Update: Tuesday, October 21st

According to the BBC website, 10% of flights at Heathrow will be cancelled today due to the strong winds and remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo that are expected to hit the UK.

Ahead of the expected stormy weather, flights with the 20 biggest carriers were said to be affected and British Airways warned about cancelling flights today because of the treacherous conditions.

A spokesperson from Heathrow airport commented that the staff do not know exactly how many flights this storm will have an impact on but they are expecting cancellations for today only.

If you are planning on flying anywhere this week, travellers have been urged to check online to see if their flights have been affected.

For all other issues caused by the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo, we will keep you updated. If you have experienced any problems where you are, it would be great to hear from you.


You may have heard news over the weekend about the severe and torrential weather conditions that are heading this way shortly. The remains of Hurricane Gonzalo are due to reach the UK late on Monday evening and the storm is expected to deliver strong winds and heavy rain to the country.

When can we expect the storm to hit?

According to the Met Office, there will be gales affecting much of the UK on Tuesday 21st October. Monday night conditions will be wet and windy with winds sweeping eastwards. As the rain clears eastwards, stronger winds are expected to veer north-westerly through Tuesday morning.

What damage has been done?

Gonzalo has already left a path of destruction behind it, unleashing 110mph winds across Bermuda and taking away power from tens of thousands of home. It is thought to be the worst hurricane they have had in a decade.

The hurricane is also set to cause the strongest storm to strike the UK since Hurricane Bertha earlier this year in August. Hurricane Bertha began with 100mph-plus winds and torrential rains before it made its way here to the UK.

There is currently a warning out for widespread winds with gusts reaching 50-60 mph. As we get to Tuesday, the storm is expected to cut right across the UK, meaning that people should take extra care.

Torrential rain and risk of debris on the roads could pose a serious risk to motorists, so if you’re driving, make sure to take special care and keep a good distance between you and other cars.

Frank Saunders, Chief Met Office forecaster has advised that although Hurricane Gonzalo will have lost its hurricane strength it is still likely to bring a period of heavy rain and strong winds. The strongest winds are also expected to cause disruption to roads as they will coincide with rush hour in places.

What to Look Out For

It is important to stay aware of the potential risks associated with this type of weather in order to protect yourself from harm. There are a number of potential disruptions expected to take place early this week :-

  • Travel disruption
  • Branches or trees falling down
  • Debris falling and scattering
  • Slates dislodging from roofs
  • Minor structural damage
  • Taking Care

    As well as watching out for these disruptions, here at AVS Fencing Supplies, we of course want to make sure that your fences and landscaping materials are taken care of.

    Find out how you can take care of your fencing as well as your own personal safety in stormy weather and see our range of fence fixings for effective fence repair.

    Most importantly, remember to look after yourself and let us know about any issues you have been experiencing due to the remains of Hurricane Gonzalo.

    What to do in a storm

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