Axis and Technology - Changing the Face of Agriculture and Farming

The technology used in agriculture is constantly developing and improving. Therefore it is no surprise to learn that Agrovista, a company who provide specialist agronomy and crop protection products to British agriculture, have recently launched a new cloud-based technical information exchange system called Axis.

What is Axis?

An article in this month’s South East Farmer reports that the agronomy tool, developed by Agrovista and several partner companies including Muddy Boots, brings together 3 key functions to serve the farming industry. Its functions include agri-business information, field recording and precision mapping, and it allows agronomy and precision farming data to be uploaded and shared in real time with operators, contractors, agronomists and advisers. The tool’s purpose is to deliver users time and cost savings as well as provide businesses with flexibility and efficiency.

Axis helps users enable efficient farming practices from any device connected to the internet by allowing them to gain instant access to crop management information, including field records and yield maps. Other handy information is also made available to growers through Axis, including detailed weather reports, and technical and trials information. Another exciting feature is the Greenlight Grower Management (GLGM) system which enables a seamless flow of information between the key people involved in a modern agricultural business.

The Best Technologies

When new products and technologies are launched in agriculture, it can spur you into thinking about how much impact technology has had on our modern environment. A Farmers Weekly article from June 2014 listed the top 10 technologies to change the face of farming today, including the GPS steering system and robot milking machines.

Poll Results

  • GPS Steering system
  • Robot milking machines
  • Smartphones
  • Combine yield meters
  • Cow heat detection devices
  • Driverless tractors
  • Aerial Drones
  • Electronic ear tags
  • Farm management software
  • Robot livestock feeders
  • Farmers Weekly online machinery editor, James Andrews writes, “For centuries, farmers have looked for ways to be as efficient as possible and as these results show, that trend is alive and well today, with new and even greater innovation on the horizon”. It may seem strange to think how the industry coped before such technologies were introduced but there is a good chance that this is only the beginning.

    Keep on Learning

    Events and conferences are important to the industry as some allow people to learn more about what technology can offer to farming. Info AG is a key conference in the Agricultural industry and was based this year in St. Louis, USA in July. The conference hosts presentations on a wide variety of industry related topics, including technology applications, and data management and interpretation. Attendees have the chance to get a glimpse of what is to come from hi-tech innovators as well as being able to network, share ideas and gain further knowledge. If you want to find out about the Info AG conference for 2015, visit their website for the details.

    What do you think?

    So, what do you think is the biggest development to shape the future of farming? Or can you can remember a time before technology’s impact on farming and agriculture? If so, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us. We would love to know what you think.


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