Grange Fencing: Top Name & Quality

Grange Fencing makes some of the finest gardening, fencing and landscaping materials on the market. As Grange only supplies superior trade outlets, AVS Fencing Supplies is proud to sell a wide range of their exquisite, varied and extremely well-made stock. The options Grange offers to start or beautify your garden, decking or overall property will stun you.

Among the vast selection of gardening, fencing and decorative landscaping Grange Fencing products AVS have, you’ll find: unique fencetop, dome and wall lattices; an amazing selection of pergolas; many beautiful arbours; sturdy fencing panels and gates; garden mirrors; and, composters for those of us wise enough to recycle and use materials for healthier gardens. More on the products, shortly.


About that quality: Grange Fencing has 140 years of experience since its 1868 founding, so you know that the entire Grange line of products is only top name, top quality and built to last. In fact, like many of the AVS line, many Grange products come with 15-year guarantees against rotting. Additionally, it’s good to know their timber is increasingly obtained from environmentally sustained and protected forests.

Care for Others

In fact, following their policy of environmental protection and long-range lumber growth usage, Grange Fencing has pledged to source a growing number of woods from worldwide forests deemed environmentally well managed according to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Standards. Grange took further steps in 2004 to protect customers as well as the planet. All pressure treatment processes were changed to arsenic-free, and, in 2006 the company switched to Wolman CX8 preservative, a safer alternative.


Now, about those products. Starting small, the Elite Square Wall Trellis, Adlerly Square Trellis and Unframed Lattice Wall Trellis give you superb options for displaying your beautiful climbing plants and vines. The heavy duty square trellis makes a lovely and protective fence-top edging. Like many of the Grange Fencing products mentioned here, it is pressure treated with non-toxic preservatives to add life and durability.

Moving up in size, you can get composters of different sizes; some come installed, others are easy snap-together kits. If you’d like to expand your garden but don’t have room, use the several attractive Grange Fencing garden mirrors, some with lattice on them; coming in different styles, they create the illusion of a larger garden, by reflection.

Have fencing needs? AVS sells several eye-catching and bespoke Grange Fencing fence panels, all treated for extended, rot-free garden and perimeter fencing needs. These can be used with the expansive array of Grange or AVS garden gates. Some match a stately mansion, or can give your humble grounds that appearance. There are several quaint, simple garden gates, as well.

For all the required attachments, gate stops, bolts, hinges, padlocks, fence posts and other items and tools you need to secure your superb Grange Fencing products, look to AVS Fencing Supplies. Their many outlets offer Grange and AVS supplies of every kind, and you’ll get free, courteous, helpful installation and maintenance instructions.


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