Protek: Beautify Garden Woodwork & More!

Protek has got all your wood, masonry and terracotta garden products covered. When it comes to making over, staining, finishing and preserving your varied landscaping and gardening goods. With a remarkable array of products to suit all purposes, they’ll keep you happy and proud of every wooden object or structure you own and make.

How can Protek help?

Like a lot of people, you may have many projects and objects in your garden. Protek can help you colour, stain and preserve all of them. Maybe you’re refurbishing old items. Or, finally, you bought or created those perfect flower boxes, matching flowerpots, pergolas and other garden furniture or latticework - or, the ideal fencing or decking you've always wanted.

But, you need to match an item to existing elements in your yard, or get slightly different-looking ones to look identical. That’s where Protek comes in. Their products can help you alter colours, stain to perfection, add protective layers to combat the wear of the elements, and keep the look you want for years to come. Their line-up of fantastic aids to get things perfect is pretty long and all their products work effectively.

Protek have stains and protector for all kinds of woods in an expansive variety of colours from Amaranth to Warm Stone. Their stains are designed to work with other colours they sell, if you want to keep to a colour scheme but change things here and there. You can use them in a number of ways to richen shades to your liking, as well.

What can you do with Protek?

Add new lustre to old sheds, fences, terracotta pots and masonry. Or, try a new look for this year’s garden with exciting new shades and additional protection to save work next season. Protek products saves you money, when you add protective finishing, stains and paints to fencing, trellises and lattices, masonry, terracotta, summerhouses, sheds, planters, decking and your home, inside and outside.

Be adventurous, and use their numerous products. They are extremely easy to apply, have low odour, are pet-friendly and – you’ll love this – clean up with only water! Many are multi-purpose, very light, fast and quick drying, and are water repellent and mould resistant. See the impressive Protek products at AVS, your favourite source for all things related to gardening, decking and building.


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