Add Extra Security to your Home with Prikka-Strip

Prikka Strip is a low cost way of deterring intruders from your property and is designed to cause maximum discomfort, with minimum harm! Its hinged design makes it easy to apply to angled surfaces and it fixes easily to your garden fence, pipes, window sills, walls and more! It’s a non-obtrusive neutral greyish polypropylene that is reusable, durable, and recyclable.

How to use it

Bear in mind with Prikka Strip that many glues and adhesives will not adhere to polypropylene, so fixing with nails or screws is recommended. However, if you do still want to use adhesives, the ones that work best are external quality butyl and solvent based sealants/adhesives. Silicone, bitumen, acrylic and water soluble adhesives are not recommended when using this product.

More Security

Alternatively, if you need greater security for your property or business premises, we also supply barbed wire and steel palisade fencing. Barbed wire can be added to your garden fence, wall or other surface area with the use of special barb wire extensions. We can also offer bespoke palisade and mesh security fence systems for larger business premises, where security is a concern.


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