Automatic Driveway Gates Welcome & Protect You

Having automatic driveway gates welcome you, whether it’s to your home, workplace or other premises, provides real security and privacy. You get the same ease of use and confidence felt when you use a remote car-opener. Knowing you can quickly open your driveway gate upon arriving at home or to work offers this real and felt sense of safety and reassurance. In addition, it can be done with style and flair.

Function and Style

When combined with well-constructed fencing built to last and made of durable wood, metal or cement, automatic driveway gates offer the ultimate private entrance. Solid gates with imposing arches and toppings, secured to strong posts, provide authoritative entrances. Impress with a graceful, stately appearance, yet deter anyone you’d not want entering. You’ll feel most secure once inside, at the mere click of a remote button.

Solid wooden gates offer a dramatic first impression of your home, business or institution. Simple yet reliable automatic kits can be added to most manually operated gates, but consult with experts on doing this. Automatic driveway gates must function properly to secure your property, yourself, your vehicles, guests and children.

While automatic driveway gates used to be a rarity, it is a more frequent choice to secure both modern and traditional properties. These gates are now commonplace entryways to houses, condos, businesses and institutions. In short, such entrances are no longer merely used by the military, gigantic corporate businesses or palatial estates.

It’s extra wise to get materials and advice from a business that provides fencing, gates, secure entrances and hardware to industrial, public sector and office buildings and properties. AVS Fencing Supplies is such a company. They work with this entire range of clients, as they do with innumerable residential home and business owners. They have a great selection of attractive, impressive automatic driveway gates.


Most gates come in a wide array of widths and styles, as well as heights and wood thickness. When installing remote access for automatic driveway gates, you’ll want to use thicker timber. It’s best to add a heavy bottom rail for more stability and tensile strength. Large oak fence posts work best as gate posts. The AVS Two Way Top Gate Post, made from kiln-dried pine, has a 15-year guarantee.

Timber options include softwood or hardwood, depending on the look you desire. Iroko or oak timber make sturdy, weather-resistant gate material, so they’re recommended. Staining woods can add lustre and help newly added automatic driveway gates blend in with existing fencing or match a replaced gate. Untreated hardwood gates can be treated with Linseed oil or similar protectants against the elements.

See AVS’s line of driveway gates, including the popular Turner Gate. Their many gates come in softwood and hardwood driveway gates. All are suitable for manual operation. To convert to automatic driveway gates, most can be supplied with an automation kit, at additional cost. AVS offer all the other elements needed to secure your property. They provide free advice and instructions, so you’ll feel welcome. Then, you’ll have that extra secure ‘welcome back’ gate you’ve been wanting.


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