Are you building a new deck for spring?

Are you are planning on building a deck ready for the spring? If so we have put together some helpful advice on things you may need to consider for your decking project.

  • Plan and design the deck carefully before you buy your materials. This is essential to help reduce wastage and save you money.
  • Buy geotextile membrane to prevent weeds growing up through the deck boards. This not only maintains the appearance of the decking, but protects it from damage caused by more aggressive foliage.
  • You should use handrails if the deck is going to be more than 600mm raised off the ground.
  • Double check that the decking frame is rigid and level before you fit the boards, as it will easier to make adjustments before you do add them.
  • Treat any cut ends with a suitable timber treatment to ensure durability.
  • If you are using hardwood decking boards, you will need to pre drill holes for fixing. A process that isn’t necessary for softwood boards.
  • We offer a variety of balustrade styles and deck panels in wood and metal. This can add an individual appearance to your garden, and there is something to suit all tastes.
  • For more decking ideas and decking materials, view our project centre on the website or visit your local branch.


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