Anti Slip Decking – Safety Underfoot

Thinking about Anti slip decking now will save you the worry in the future. Decks are installed for fun and entertainment, with most being constructed outdoors. Your decking will be used by adults and children so take some minor steps to ensure their safety. Then, you won’t need to fret about slips, falls and injuries.

Using Wood

Most decking is made from wood, as it is aesthetically pleasing and has a charming and natural feel to it. However, wood can become a bit slippery when wet, and we do get a bit of rain and moist conditions in the UK. Therefore, it’s good to apply some anti slip decking (also known as non slip decking) precautions when building and enhancing decking. This applies whether your decking is built for a home, business, public space, athletic club or any other setting. Decking built around pools is always a favourite summer hangout, but means wet feet, another worry.

Taking Precautions

Families often have children running about and enjoying the decking, and adults will surely enjoy sitting outdoors taking in the fresh air. Use anti slip decking applications, and you’ll have peace of mind for those close to you. Using it helps you avoid the concerns and potential costs of injuries. This is especially true for decking used in businesses or public areas, to prevent litigation that might follow a slip or fall of customers and visitors.


If you create multiple level decking, a favourite style of decking, you’ll likely have steps joining sections. Simply add anti slip decking plates to steps, deck edges and areas just below railings and balustrades to provide extra safety. Using these plates – which provide good coverage in 635 x 115mm sizing – also gives kids freedom to quickly shift from one area to another. Remember to install many good handrails, balustrades and well-fixed manila decking rope, for additional safety.

Another anti slip decking option is to use decking boards with grooved surfaces. The alternated spaces and grooves can offer some traction. Arbordeck make top-quality decking boards with attractive grooved or grooved-reeded surfaces. Buy these and AVS’s own double-side-reeded sturdy Scandinavian Redwood decking boards at AVS Fencing Supplies. AVS is the top purveyor of all supplies, attachments and tools needed to make your decking, fencing and landscaping plans come to life.

Treatment & Stains

AVS also sell numerous rot-resistant treatments and colouring stains for timber decking boards. Though some contain wax to protect wood, most resist accumulation of slippery algae, fungus and moss, and can thereby help create anti slip decking. Colourless Seasonite New Wood Protection from Owatrol allows wood pores to open naturally, yet combats rot.

Even with such quality anti slip decking materials, design and good maintenance can contribute to limiting slips. Consider cross-sections of decking, alternating patterns, to increase surface adhesion. You can also combine strips of decking with masonry or other materials. Always keep your deck swept and clean, as material on top, like leaves and dirt, can make it more slippery. Consult with AVS, as they constantly offer free advice and instructions, and always have their customers’ safety foremost in mind.


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