Garden Screening

Garden Screening

Garden screening can make a lovely addition to your outside space. Garden screening is provided on a roll and are lightweight, which makes them quick and easy to put up, take down or move around your garden. Depending on the use they can be inserted into the ground using small posts or fitted to existing structures using galvanised wire or cable ties.

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Garden screening panels have a number of different uses, like adding height to the top of your existing fencing for extra privacy, or to replace your standard fence panels entirely.

You can even utilize these screenings for hiding an area of the garden that you do not want to be seen, like a composter or unsightly fuel tank. Another use would be to simply attach the garden screening to a wall to create an interesting feature and perhaps have plants growing up against it.

At AVS we have a large selection of styles with garden screening panels made from different materials. The heather screening panels are available in different sizes and gives a very natural and rustic look to the garden, whereas the peeled reed screen creates a simple and modern look with its regimented lines.

Alternatively we have traditional willow and hazel hurdles in various sizes that are often used for screening around the garden. Round fence posts are often used to erect your new garden screening, you should insert the posts at least 600mm (2ft) into the ground and attach the screen to the post using wire. It is important to secure them well, especially in very windy areas.